Some Things You Gotta Know BEFORE You Start Your Lemonade Stand Simple Journey

We all have to start somewhere. So whether you are going back to the drawing board or starting fresh -- this is a course designed to not only get you to think through all the various facets of starting and running a business but also it is specifically designed to get you through the mental hurdles in the way of you growing what you got. Now let's go build your profit plan.

As of March 2018, Lemonade Stand Simple Group Coaching, as a convenience for you, will be scheduled twice weekly. You just want to make one for sure. Tuesdays at 9pm EST (Detroit) & Thursdays mornings each week at 11am EST (Detroit). All calls will be handled via phone. Free access/call in line is 712-770-4066 // ACCESS CODE -- 378279 -- to make it simple for everyone I am NOT USING SKYPE. if you're country is listed your call should be covered in your cell plan.

Set your phone to remind you of the live coaching calls. If you're afraid someone is going to steal your ideas then this course may not be what you need right now. I have one on overcoming fear - Get Unstuck !! ;-) I tease when I say that but I am serious. People looking to launch are mostly following their passion AND aren't likely nearby to be competition. If you are worried you can be more vague but know that if I don't know what it is, then my answers will be less granular as well.

My personal number for quick questions here or there during this 40 day process is 248-648-1669.


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